Friday, August 31, 2007

Blog me some NFL Predictions

Football season is finally here. Trainings camps are being completed and stadiums are being furnished. This is indeed an exciting season and it promises to provide unparalleled excitement. Before the season starts, predictions will be made. As expected columnists and football enthusiasts have already published their bets. I am not an expert, but I do believe that these following predictions have good chances of happening. I predicted the Colts to win it all last year, this time I have another team in mind.

National Football Conference

Division Winners: Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, and Seattle

Wildcard: Arizona and Philadelphia

Divisional Playoffs: Seattle over Philadelphia; Arizona over Dallas

Division Semi-Finals: New Orleans over Seattle; Arizona over Chicago

Division Finals: New Orleans over Arizona

American Football Conference

Division Winners: New England, Baltimore, Indianapolis, and San Diego

Wildcard: Denver and Cincinnati

Divisional Playoffs: Cincinnati over Baltimore; Indianapolis over Denver

Division Semi-Finals: New England over Indianapolis; San Diego over Cincinnati

Division Finals: New England over San Diego

Super Bowl

New England over New Orleans

This is a new season and I picked the "new" teams to win their respective conferences. But after the final whistle is blown, the Patriots will start its "new" dynasty.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blog me a Health Buff

I was having a walk at SM Megamall when I bumped into a free blood pressure measuring promo. Because of some health concerns, I decided to take the check-up (it's free for crying out loud). One of the nurses asked me about my diet. I said I was a strict vegetarian. The nurse was about to believe my claim when the blood pressure reading came out. Wow! My BP was higher that what I have imagined. Instantly, I was obliged to transform into a healthy fellow. My joke of being a vegetarian was actually true. Its karma making a presence and the Penniless Fat Guy can now dream of being slim. Sweet!

Before: I used to eat rice like I am eating at Tokyo Tokyo (translation: rice unlimited)

After: I have to eat only one cup of rice and mostly oatmeal

Before: I can eat any meat that I want. It has been pork, beef, and chicken galore.

After: I have to remember that everyday is like Lent (something fishy is something allowed).

Before: Alcohol beverages and drinks are like water.

After: Healthy drinks, sugar-less beverages, and nonsense liquids are my thirst quenchers.