Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blog me a Fantasy Team

The NBA season has just started and my fantasy teams are rolling. I have 4 teams at YahooSports and 4 teams at Given the chance to pick my fantasy team, I will pick the best for each position. I will use the format because I can use 10 players.

PG: Deron Williams - Chris Paul is a good choice here. But what separates Williams from Paul is durability.

SG: Kobe Bryant - This is one of the most loaded positions in the league. But among shooting guards, Kobe is the best.

G: Steve Nash - I love his high FT percentage and 3 pointers. With Nash, expect 10+ assists every night.

GF: Lebron James - Aside from Kidd, LeBron is the only triple double machine. Take not
that his stats are well over Kidd's capacity.

SF: Shawn Marion - He is the consumate performer. It is hard to discount his consistency an ability to fill up the stat sheet.

PF: Kevin Garnett - This is the easiest choice to make. Garnett is always in the top three when it comes to fantasy basketball.

F: Dirk Nowitzki - The reigning MVP deserves a spot in this list. Nowitzki can always assure great stats and consistent performance.

FC: Amare Stoudomire - What am I thinking leaving Yao Ming behind? Stoudomire is more versatile and easily boosts my fantasy team.

C: Marcus Camby - I need some blocks in the house. Nobody does swatting shots better than Camby.

UTL: Tim Duncan - The "best" player in the league needs to be in my team. Duncan also serves as an insurance once Camby start to break down.

Bench: Jason Kidd - The master stat maker will always be part of my team. He performs at a high level despite the age.

Bench: Michael Redd - He is lights out from beyond the arc. Redd can also score from here, there, and everywhere.

Bench: Dwayne Wade - It's too bad that Wade has to compete against Kobe. Maybe some other time D-Wade.

Bench: Carmelo Anthony - Anthony is an automatic pick in other fantasy teams. But subbing for LeBron is not bad at all.

Bench: Dwight Howard - He is still young and has a long careers ahead. If only he can cut his turnovers and shoot his FTs better, then he might be in the starting lineup.

Bench: Yao Ming - It is hard to discount Yao's abilities. But the players in the starting lineup are just more consistent.

Tough Omissions : Gilbert Arenas, Chris Paul, Tracy McGrady, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Rashard Lewis, Pau Gasol, and Chauncey Billups

This team is only for dreamers. Well that's why it's called fantasy..... SWEET!!!