Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blog me a Lynne

I think that I have never seen
A woman who is as beautiful as Lynne
Lynne, who had a breathtaking stare
And nourishes me with warmth and care
Lynne, who saved me when I was alone
Then she turned me soft from a heart of stone
Lynne, who had that gorgeous smile,
She showed me how to make life worthwhile
Upon her arms I feel love no less,
And by her side I can see success
I made a fool out of myself and that is what I have been,
And I know only God can give me Lynne

Blog me a Story

The Eyes of an Angel

“Another one of those nightmares”, Chris mumbled to himself. He stood up the bed and rushed to have a quick shower. But the face of the girl was astonishing. She was the main character of his dream for the fifth consecutive night. He must have been thinking so much of the photos framed on the wall.

As he stepped closer to the office, thunderous applause came greeting him with cheers. “You did it again bud”, his friend John patting his back. “When will you ever fail”, John added. “That was pure luck” Chris whispered and he walked thanking his peers for their appreciation. He was about to open the door of his room when Mr. Hale, the magazine editor pulled his hand. “Way to go Chris, someday you will have one of this”, Mr. Hale said with a sheepish smile. “Thanks”, Chris replied. A brief chat came afterwards and Chris sat down his chair still unable to get the girl out his mind.

“This calls for a celebration Chris”, John said. But Chris was not paying attention. “Come on Chris, the bar along the highway is opening tonight”, John insisted. “I will be fine as long as we don’t bring Stan”, Chris replied. “I heard that, come on Chris I do promise to behave”, Stan said. “This how we will do it, only beer and no girls”, Chris explained. Stan and John were disappointed but nodded to Chris’ decision.

“This place rocks”, Stan said. The excitement was in the air as beautiful women and fine wine flooded the bar. “If you don’t mind Chris, why is it that you lack interest with girls?” John asked. “Women are not part of my plans” Chris answered. “Besides, there are important things that need my full time and attention’, he added. The night went on and Chris didn’t notice that they were the only once left inside.

It took John and Stan to carry Chris home. Because of drunkenness, Chris was not able to reach his bedroom and laid himself in the living room couch. He was so messed up that Chris decided to leave him alone until he regains consciousness. The dream woke him up again. Chris later realized that he never managed to reach his bedroom. “Perhaps this dream thing needs a cure”, he said. He decided to attend the Sunday mass, something that he hasn’t done for quite some time.

As he was approaching the church, he saw a girl sitting in the paved stairs. He was mesmerized by her eyes. It was a rare scene and an opportunity to take another photo. He took his camera and took a good view of the girl. “The eyes looked more fascinating in photo”, he thought. When he was about to talk to the girl, the bells started ringing. It was a signal that the mass is about a start. He just hoped that the girl will not go and wait until the mass ends.

After the mass, he hurried across the aisle wishing that the girl was still there. To his disappointment, she was gone. He didn’t know her name, where she lived, and a slight hint of her personality. All he had was a picture. With a girl who he thought had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. “Have you seen a girl sitting here?” “She was about 10 years old”, Chris asked a bystander. The bystander just said no. Something tells inside that he will see the girl soon. Not now, but someday.

Chris decided to drive along the boulevard and watch some scenery. Glancing at the car window, he saw an old man sitting on a bench. He stopped the car and sat right beside the man. “It’s getting late sir, robbers make this place their haven”, Chris informed the old man. “As much as I wanted to go son, I am waiting for my granddaughter”, the old man smiled. “Who would dare to touch a blind old man”, the old man added. “I lost my sight when my granddaughter had to be operated”, the old man narrated. “I thought that she will have a better future and I am already old.” The story continued and Chris watched the old man with amazement. “I have to sir”, Chris said. “It was nice meeting you.” “Just be careful out there.” As soon as Chris sped his car the girl he saw in the church approached the old man.

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. Chris spent most of his time finding the girl. He went to the church and even stayed there for hours hoping that the girl will come. “You are getting weird man”, John observed. “You don’t look like the Chris I know.” What bothering you?” John inquired. Chris didn’t bother to say a word. He was just thinking of the girl. He knew an opportunity will come; it’s a chance he will never relinquish.

Ten years after, Chris has his own magazine company. It is considered as the most read of all magazines in the market. Chris was thinking of going international and he need a model that will be the cover girl for the launching of the magazine. He knew that there is one person who could help him. “Maybe I will give Stan a ring”, he thought. “Hey Stan, its Chris”, he said. “I need your help.” “What help do you need my man?” Stan asked. “I am looking for a model. Can you search for some prospects?” Chris requested. “No problem dude”, Stan replied.

Chris was evaluating the photos given to him by Stan but it seems that none of the models have satisfied his qualifications. He was thinking of canceling the publication of the magazine. He was about to go home when the phone rang. “Hello, good evening.” “This Monica Kraft, I would like to speak with Mr. Christopher Boone”, a sweet voice said. “I am on the line “, Chris replied. “I read your advertisement and I am interested in auditioning as your magazine’s cover girl”, Monica informed. “Since I don’t have your photo, is it possible if you could meet me tomorrow night?” Chris asked. “Certainly Mr. Boone”, Monica replied. “I will be at Culinary Road tomorrow night.” “You can drop by and we will talk thing out”, Chris said. “I will be there sir”, as Monica dropped the phone and said goodbye.

Chris was feeling excited. There was something in her voice that tells him something great. The day came when he was to meet Monica. He had a haircut and sure he will be presentable. Before he left the house he looked at the mirror. “You are not such a bad looking guy after all”, he whispered. Most people say that Chris’ eyes are a thing of beauty. Perhaps that is the reason why he could capture the essence in his photography.

He was driving smoothly and thinking of the words he would say. Never in his life had he ever felt this good. He was about to complete his strategy when disaster stroked. A rampaging truck ran over car and he lost his balance. His car bump another car but his car flew and crushed to pieces. Moments later, he felt his body numbed and his bones dislocated. He tried to get up because he saw a girl in the car that he bumped. But he had no strength to do it.

He woke up in the hospital with John beside him. “What happened man?” he asked. “This is worse Chris”, John answered. “The doctor said you will not walk again”, John added. Chris looked up and cursed for his misfortunes. It was supposed to be a happy night. A night when he will meet who can potentially be the one he has been looking for all his life. He remembered his dreams. He thought how stupid he was for not believing in destiny.
“There is another problem”, John said. “The car bumped into was destroyed and the driver was blinded by the accident. “Could I see her?’ Chris requested. “She is still unconscious, but the doctor gave you permission”, John answered. When he entered the room of the girl, he felt the same feeling when he heard Monica’s voice. He saw a beautiful face lying and the memories of the old man haunted his senses. “This is my fault”, Chris screamed. “She does not deserve this punishment”. “It was an accident Chris”, John replied. “No John, call the doctor.” I will donate my eyes to hear.” “Are you out of your mind?” John asked “Yes I am” “In fact I look like a vegetable” “Look at me John.” “Do you think there will still be a future for me?” “This girl is still young; she deserves to live longer than me”. John knew all he can do is to disagree.

Monica was driving along the boulevard when she saw a blind man sitting on the bench. She decided to drop by and sit with the man. “It is getting late sir, are you waiting for someone?” Monica asked. Chris just smiled. “How come you are blind?” Monica asked with curiosity. “I met an accident two tears ago”, Chris replied. “I bumped into a car where a girl is inside.” “As a result, she got blinded.” “Since I could no longer walk, I decided to donate my eyes for her”, Chris narrated. “That was sweet sir, I don’t think you have to do that”, Monica said. “My grandfather did that for me, I could still remember the days he was here”, she added. Monica noticed a picture in Chris’ hands. “Who is in that picture?” Monica asked. “She is the reason why I am like this”, Chris replied. “But I don’t blame her for what happened, it sad that I didn’t have a chance to talk to her and see her beautiful eyes again”, he added. Monica looked at the picture and she was stunned. She can’t believe that the girl in the picture was her. “Where did you take this picture?” Monica wondered. “I saw this girl in the church and got amazed with her eyes.” “I took a shot of her face and that was the last time I saw.” “Since then I tried to find her, but she seem to be gone for good”, Chris told. “I am Christopher Boone who was once a photographer owned a magazine company”, Chris said. Monica was shocked. She can’t utter a word. Everything that has happened is coming back to life. She wished she could hug and thank Chris but that wont help. Monica held Chris’ arms and whispered words in his ears. In minutes Monica was gone. Chris was left alone sitting and hoping that the girl will still arrive. He remembered what Monica told him. The angel may have lost his wings, but his eyes will stay by her side forever.