Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blog me a Poem

Once I saw a word and my brain started to clog
What is it this thing that many people call blog
Perhaps a fancy writeup or a journal for the soul
Maybe a personal thing or an eternal goal

At first I was reluctant to start on my own
I feel that I'm ready I might as well cast the stone
As the words turned into phrases and then into a statement
I can sense that there is indeed a feeling of contentment

My blog begins to shape as I start to reflect
All things I've done are coming; the wrong and the correct
This amazing thing called blogging gave me a peace of mind
Something I will never trade and definitely one of a kind

I can prolong this storytelling but I know this has to end
Why not start blogging and see for yourself my friend
I may never be a hero and save the world from its strife
But at least I made a blog even for once in my life


Novice Blogger said...

so here comes a profound post!

make way men! hehe.

The Penniless Fat Guy said...

Thanks for the comment! Dahil yan ky Broken Bow! Hehe...

kegler747 said...

wow! impressive poem :)